Go Trendy: Get Suitable Ear Gauges For Yourself

If you are planning to go for ear stretching or in a process of ear stretching you must be thinking about the types of earrings to be considered whether it should be thick or wide or it should have large holes etc. These are the common confusions that arise before an individual is planning to go for ear stretching. There are different types of ear gauges of different sizes which would fit into your ear. When your stretching is complete you can consider plugs and tunnels as these are one of the trendiest ear gauges. Tapers are used for the initial stage as their size starts with zero.

                                              source: livestrong.com

Different types of plugs/gauges are-

Plugs are hollow shaped and they are used once the fresh piercing has been healed.

  • Stainless steel plugs
  • Acrylic plugs
  • Silicon plugs
  • Organic plugs
  • Glass plugs
  • Saddle plugs
  • Single flare plugs
  • Straight plugs

The benefits of ear gauges

  • Plugs are easily inserted into your ears after the healing process is done. It is economical as well as easily available.
  • The shape of the plugs makes it look attractive and bigger.

The most common form of gauges is eyelets or tunnels. A taper is a tool which is used for stretching purposes. Using a gauge for your ear is an easy process as you just have to apply some kind of lubricant before inserting the gauge. Tapers are the best tools that are used for stretching as they are easily available and accessible. Gauges are a piece of jewelry that is designed straight with O-rings. Plugs are available in different materials, textures, colors, and designs. Always make sure if you want a cheap gauge go for a small piece of the plug. Steel gauge is considered as one of the best choices while stretching as it reduces the chance for any kind of infection. They are generally smoother and shinier. You will not have to face any kind of infection or notice issues such as redness, itching, and swelling.

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